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Prospect League Baseball



2023 NCAA Baseball Rulebook | 2023 Prospect League Rulebook

The Prospect League partners with the Collegiate Baseball Umpires Alliance (CBUA) for its umpiring assignments. Prospect League Umpire Coordinator Ron Whiting assigns college baseball umpires from Division I, II, III and Junior Colleges to more than 500 League games each season.

The CBUA includes over 1,300 active umpires from across the United States that are recruited through various college umpiring associations and are trained and evaluated through the CBUA’s vast network of associates. The CBUA provides the highest quality of officiating, including umpires who have worked the NCAA Men’s College World Series.

Whiting, who began as Prospect League Umpire Coordinator in 2022, is a veteran umpire who has worked at the professional, collegiate, and high school levels. He remains an active umpire for several NCAA Division I conferences. Whiting is also the CFO of Elite Umpires & Assigning, empowered by the Collegiate Baseball Umpires Alliance.